Quadcopter with Camera

Author: Aus Electronics Direct   Date Posted:20 September 2016 

Quadcopter with Camera

So you’ve mastered the flight controls of your remote control drone/quadcopter and are looking for the next level of excitement. A Quadcopter with camera could just satisfy this thirst and take your drone flying experience to new heights.

Let’s discuss all the types of available drones or quadcopters with camera in the market to help you chose what is the right one for you.

Quadcopters with camera with on-board photo and video recording. These types of quadcopters generally have a camera module attached to the underside or within the body of the quadcopter. These types of quadcopters with camera are the cheapest solutions and is a great way to get into aerial photography. The camera photo capture and video recording function is easily triggered by pressing a button on the remote control. The video is then recorded onto a media storage card, typically a micro SD card due to its small footprint and lightweight nature. The files stored onto the micro SD card can then be connected to your pc or laptop to view your aerial exploits.

If you are after a more advanced quadcopter with camera to take your aerial photography and videography skills to new heights, perhaps look at larger sized drones that is able to accommodate more advanced types of digital video cameras. Aus Electronics Direct is releasing a new large sized drones with a 720p on board camera with an internal electronic gimbal for video stabilisation. The TR3112 DIY Drone with 720p Wi-Fi FPV Camera is a great entry level Photography Drone. The 1MP camera module on the underside of the quadcopter records high definition photos and videos, while the 1 axis gyro compensate for the quadcopters forward and reverse movements by adjusting the cameras tilt angle to ensure a more stable video recording. The TR3112 is definitely a great entry level and low costs quadcopter with camera for someone who wants to take up aerial photography and videography.


Another advanced quadcopter with camera for more serious aerial photography and videography applications are GPS Brushless Quadcopters. These types of quadcopters have advanced features that are ideally suited for this type of applications. The GPS module built-in to these drones assist in keeping the quadcopter stable in the air, especially during those panoramic or steady aerial shots. The brushless motors on these quadcopters allows for mounting of aftermarket cameras through an action camera electronic gimbal system. These gimbal systems are typically a 2 axis type which compensates for the quadcopters forward, backward and left to right movements and keeps the video recording stable at all times. If these are the type of quadcopters with camera you are looking for, do not overlook OUR X380 and X500 models. These models have the above mentioned features at very affordable prices.



Other types of quadcopters with camera are what is called a first person view or FPV systems. These are quadcopters with camera that streams live video to an LCD screen or Video goggles. These kinds are generally suited for the more advanced flyers. It takes a considerable amount of hand to eye coordination and dexterity to be able to control the quadcopter solely from a screen or goggles. There are two types of FPV systems currently available in the market, one type is via RF transmission and the other is via Wi-Fi transmission. The RF Transmissions type is typically via 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz frequencies. These types can transmit live videos at fairly great distances, some are in excess of 1km range. The Wi-Fi solution is a lower cost solution and also has a much shorter range. Just like your Wi-Fi router at home, the signal starts to degrade around the 30m range. Distances after this causes for the video images to start freezing and unresponsive. Having said that, the radio control still continues to function up to 100m, however the video transmission simply ceases to work. We have the very popular TR3094 720p Wi-Fi FPV Drone at $109.00. A very affordable wi-fi FPV Drone. If you are more inclined to utilise the RF version, a good solution is the TR3012 5.8GHz FPV Drone which sells for $179.00.