RC Quadcopter

Mini RC Quadcopters, Mid-size RC Quadcopters, Large RC Quadcopters - we stock every size for every skill level.

Want to get into RC Quadcopters and don’t know where to start. We suggest to start with our entry-level quadcopters to master your control skills to upgrade to bigger and better quadcopters. We have a range of smaller quadcopters suitable for indoor use to hone in your quadcopter control skills. We have a unique range of beginner quadcopter with roll cage to protect the quadcopter, people and surroundings.

Once you have mastered the controls, take on the outdoors with our range of mid-size to larger size quadcopter with more powerful motors to handle light wind conditions. Offering a range over 100m, they utilize 2.4Ghz remote controllers. Equipped with headless mode, these quadcopters are easier to control and maneuver at greater distances.