Inspire Drone

DJI Inspire Drone

Competitively priced DJI Inspire Drones.

We offer the full range of  DJI Inspire Drones. The Inspire Drone is the top of the line drone from the DJI stable. It is the drone of choice for professional photographer and videographer. The DJI Inspire Drone is equipped with 4K HD Camera mounted on a 3 Axis Gimbal Stabiliser to ensure smooth and vibration free video recordings.

With front and bottom collision avoidance sensors, it is able to perform follow me modes. Also capable of setting way points so the user can focus on camera control to achieve the best possible videos. The intellilgent big capacity battery has a flight time of 25 minutes.

We offer a range of spare parts to suit the DJI inspire Drone. From spare propellers, charging hubs, carry back packs to batteries to keep your drone flying for longer.