Interfacing the HX711 with a 50Kg Load Cell

Author: Aus Electronics Direct   Date Posted:6 September 2019 

Interfacing the HX711 with a 50Kg Load Cell

Instructions on how to interface a 50Kg Load Cell to a HX711 Load Cell Amplifier

Required Parts:

1. Arduino Uno Board and USB

2. HX711 Balance Sensor Module

3. Load Cell Straight Bar 50kg

4. Male to Female Jumpers

5. 1K OHM resistor (2pcs)


Wiring Diagram:


This installation requires the HX711 library. Please download the HX711 Library from here and add .Zip library to your Arduino IDE.

step 1 - click Sketch

step 2 - click Include Library

step 3 - click add .Zip Library

step 4 - select the .zip file you have downloaded

Connect the Uno Development Board to your PC or Laptop via the USB Cable.

HX711 Sample Code

Download the sample source code for the HX711 from here. Open and upload this sample source code into your Arduino IDE.

NOTE : You can change your calibration factor before uploading the code OR you can adjust it later in the serial monitor box since the code allow you to add and subtract the value of calibration factor.

Open the Sample Source Code file.


First, you need to extract the zip file. right click the zip file and then click extract here. Second, open the HX711_code file and open the sample source code.

Upload the Code to the Arduino Uno Board

Before uploading the code, ensure to select the correct board Arduino UNO and ensure the COM Port of Arduino IDE and the USB port is the same COM Port. Then, upload the sample source code.

Serial Monitor

After successfully uploading the sample source code into your Arduino Uno Board, open Serial Monitor and it should display as above image.


Serial Monitor

When the serial monitor shows values, it means that the interfacing between module and load cell is successful. Now, you can set your own calibration factor by adjusting the value using the '+' or 'a' to increase the value OR '-' or 'z' to decrease the value. You are only required to calibrate only once for each load cell.



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By: on 4 December 2020
Hello, Can you please post a picture of the real wiring circuit. How you connected the load cell to the resistors.

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