Drone Buying Guide - How To Choose The Right Drone

Author: Aus Electronics Direct   Date Posted:9 July 2016 

Drone Buying Guide - How To Choose The Right Drone

With so many drones available in the market, how do you choose the right one for you?


RC Drones or Quadcopters have improved quite significantly over the years. Remote control drones started becoming popular over 10 years ago, during that time, performance and stability of flight was less desirable. As technology improves, features from high end drones costing thousands of dollars have filtered their way onto lower cost drones making it more desirable and affordable for the average pilot to take flight and get into drones. As the drone market got bigger, the demand for more features and special functions increased.

With so many drones in the market, the biggest question for is “How to choose the right drone?”. The best way to answer this question is to choose the right drone for you. That means, choosing the right drone for your application and budget. To put this into perspective, asking what is the best car is subjective. When buying a vehicle, you would choose a car according to your application and budget. You would not buy a Ferrari as a first car.

So, when choosing as to what drone to buy, figure out what you are going to be using the drone for and buying a drone within your budget.

We have classified drones into 5 categories, Toy Drones, Camera Drones, Racing Drones, Fishing Drones, and Professional Drones.

Toy Drones

Toy Drones are or Beginner Drones are great starting point into drone flying. As mentioned earlier, Beginner Drones have improved quite a lot over the years. These drones now have improved flight stability with features such as an in-built gyroscope, barometric pressure altitude hold and GPS positioning (higher end beginner drones), making them very easy to fly. Below are beginner drones we recommend based on 3 price points, below $50, below $100 and above $100.

Below $50

X26 Drone

The X26 Beginner Drone is a great drone to start flying with. It is stable and easy to fly and it also has an enclosed propeller case design to ensure safety of the operator, surrounding and drones from accidental crashes.



Below $100

X5SW Drone

The Syma X5SW RC Wi-Fi FPV Drone is the most stable drone in this price range. So much so that this drone is utilised in Drone Flying schools around Australia.

The Syma X5SW has speed controls to suit beginners to intermediate flyers and has a HD camera that transmits photos and videos directly on to a smartphone.


Above $100

X8 Pro

The Syma X8 Pro GPS Drone is a full-size drone that is stable and easy to fly. Due to its size and power, it is perfect for outdoor beginner flyers. It integrates GPS positioning and one button return to home function.


Q868 Drone

The Q868 Folding GPS Drone is a note worthy mention for drone flyers with a middle level budget. This drone folds into a small form factor making it ideal for travel and aerial photography whilst on holidays.

The 4K Camera is mounted on a 2-axis gimbal that provides stable video footage. It sends photos and videos directly onto a smartphone.

Provides up to 40 minute flight time and all packs in a neat hand carry case.


Camera Drones


Racing Drones


Fishing Drones