Can I use a HDMI splitter to extend my PC or Laptop to multiple screens?

Author: Aus Electronics Direct   Date Posted:4 May 2023 

Can I use a HDMI splitter to "extend" my PC or Laptop to multiple screens?

Yes, you can use an HDMI splitter to extend your PC or laptop to multiple screens, but it's important to understand the limitations of an HDMI splitter and the requirements for extending your display.

An HDMI splitter is designed to duplicate the same signal to multiple displays simultaneously. This means that all the screens connected to the splitter will display the same content at the same time. If you want to extend your display to multiple screens and have independent content on each screen, you will need to use a display adapter that supports multiple displays.

To extend your display to multiple screens using an HDMI splitter, you will need to make sure that your PC or laptop's graphics card supports multiple displays. Most modern graphics cards have multiple HDMI outputs, so you can connect each display to a separate HDMI port on your graphics card. Alternatively, you can use a docking station or an Adapter/Converter to convert a PC or Laptops ports to a suitable Video connection that connect your screens. 

Most newer laptops or PC's utilise USB-C or Type C ports for input and output. Using a USB-C to HDMI converter will allow you to connect your HDMI monitor in extended mode. There are some USB-C to HDMI Converters that support Multi-stream functionality which has multiple HDMI ports for connecting multple Displays in Extended mode. There are also other legacy port converters such as Mini Display port to HDMI, Display port to HDMIDVI to HDMI and USB A to HDMI converters and Adapters to be able to connect your  PC or Laptop to a HDMI display.

It's also important to note that the resolution and refresh rate of your displays may be limited when using an HDMI splitter. Make sure that your displays support the same resolution and refresh rate, and that your graphics card can handle the increased load of driving multiple displays simultaneously.


What is extend displays?

n Extended mode, the Desktop is extended across multiple displays to maximize the work space. The displays can have different screen resolutions, refresh rates, and orientations (Portrait and Landscape) when configured in Extended Desktop mode.

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