Building with the JoyStick module

Author: Tyson Popynick   Date Posted:13 April 2016 

Building with the JoyStick module

What is the active component in this module?
This module is built around 2 potentiometers and a tactile button. A voltage is passed in to each potentiometer, which then outputs a value that is directly related to the position of the stick. We can then read these values and use them to control our projects. The button will need to be de-bounced as always to prevent multiple readings.

>> CLICK HERE for example circuit layout and circuit code.

Expected Output:
The code provides output to debug the module, as well as the ability to be easily modified to perform any actions the user wants based on input.

This module is useful for…
Some ideas for projects this module is useful in might include:
1. Robotics
2. RC Vehicles
3. Games/Controllers